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Our doggy daycare is operated by qualified dog care specialists from our facility in central Christchurch. We provide a safe, positive, healthy and stimulating environment where your dog’s well-being is our upmost priority. The doggy daycare program is designed to socialise dogs by age, temperament, size and individual needs. The way a dog will socialise and play changes as they age and will largely depend on their background and upbringing. We provide a specially designed service which is anchored to the psychology of each age group, allowing them to associate with like peers in environments which suit their specific social skill set. 

Our daycare team work together to provide situational life skills learning for all daycare groups. This includes teaching all dogs to handle some of the daily life challenges they may face, further enhancing their lives and reducing their stress outside of our care. We don't use aversive techniques to control the dogs, our training and experience gives us the skill to use positive only measures.



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The early months of your puppies life are the most formative. Their early experiences will shape how they interact with the world as they mature into adulthood. At Paws we understand this and aim to provide your puppy with an environment specifically catered your puppies developmental needs.  

While in our care, your puppy will spend their day in a separate play area with similar sized friends, and developmentally appropriate toys. We support your puppy’s stimulation levels by providing regular naps through individual and group rest spaces, as well as monitoring play and arousal levels. We support your puppies’ social skills through positive reinforcement by closely supervising their play and rewarding calm responses.

Our dedicated caregivers consolidate your home training through our positive reinforcement strategies.

We understand the challenges that come along with puppy ownership and our dedicated caregivers aim to support your at-home training by providing consistent, calm responses to problems such as:

-          Jumping up

-          Barking

-          Nipping/chewing

-          Hyper arousal

-          Poor play manners

You will be able to keep up with your puppies day through regular photo updates on our Facebook and Instagram!

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As your puppy embarks on their ongoing journey of learning and growth through their juvenile phases, it is crucial for them to continue to develop essential life skills centred around appropriate play and interactions with both their peers and humans. Their size, energy and limited life experience can sometimes get in the way of positive interactions with others. At Paws we have carefully designed dedicated spaces where we integrate appropriate toys and play objects. This allows us to curate our play groups daily, tailoring them to the unique needs of the dogs in our care. At Paws we understand that adolescence can be an extremely challenging time for puppy owners, and we aim to support this through our consistent and calm responses.

We use positive strategies to teach your dog to rest in a group environment but still have appropriate individual rest spaces for dogs of all sizes. We support your puppy to transition into adult play groups to support their ongoing social development.  

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Our dedicated team provide a safe, stimulating and hygienic daycare environment for dogs of various sizes and energy levels. We have carefully designed dedicated separate social areas enabling us to curate play groups each day based on the needs of the dogs in our care. We have areas which allow more reserved dogs to observe others and slowly integrate into the daycare environment.

At Paws we strongly believe that all dogs need rest throughout the day, even those dogs with high energy levels. To support this, we provide comfy rest spaces and through our regular daily routine facilitates group rests.


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Our daycare allows us to cater to even the smallest of dog companions. Our carefully designed small dog area provides your dog with a safe, stimulating and hygienic daycare environment for smaller dog breeds to safely interact with their similar sized peers. We provide your little one with appropriately sized toys and play structures as well as comfy rest spaces to facilitate group and individual rests throughout the day.

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